How To Change Cash App Pin? Why Is My Cash App Pin Not Working?


admin   September 15, 2022 

Square Cash App, one of the best payment applications allows its users to do flawless transactions among enclosed ones; Friends & Families. In the time of digitalization where everything is switching to online mode, choosing the best & reliable application for your financial need is something that should be in priority. With this happens to be true, Cash App had come in 2013 with amazing features and easiness of operating it. It lets users deposit paychecks, buy and selling of Bitcoin, help to withdraw money, and many others. Cash application is so much easy to use that anyone can make changes in its privacy easily. Today, this post is gonna be one of the topics of the cash app which deals with the security part of it. We will focus on How To Change Cash App Pin?

There could be a situation in your financial journey when you get stuck at some point due to malfunctioning your cash application. Although Cash App is one of the safest platforms, however, glitch is certain to occur as it works online.

How to Change Cash App Pin? Know step-by-step- procedure

In order to reset your PIN on the cash app then you have to follow step by step procedure as furnished below.

  • Click on your profile icon after login your cash app account
  • Then select the Privacy & Security option from the same window
  • Hit on the Change Cash PIN option from the same window
  • Finally, you need to click on Confirm your new PIN from the same window

Forgetting PIN could be one thing to tease you. Actually, Cash App provides a PIN number to each user which is essential for the safety of your account. This number contains 4-6 digits and is unique to each user.

In case the user forgets their Cash App Pin, he cannot access his account unless he reset the PIN and created a new one.

This post will unveil when the need for changing or resetting passwords occurs. And also, what is the right process to do so?

What is a Cash App Pin?

Let us find out what the cash app pin exactly is.

Every transaction application is secured with some special codes that are essential to save your account from unwanted reach. This code is unique to each user and contains confidential information.

In the context of the cash app, this code is 4-6 digits long and is used to process the transaction. So, every time you want to access your account, this PIN section will seize your way.

Also, due to the flexible feature of the cash app, the user can change or reset it anytime he wishes to.

This feature of resetting or changing passwords seems needy in today’s time when people are in habit of forgetting things. This is likely to happen when people face this issue at some point in time. Therefore, this feature of protecting and resuming services seems more pleasant.

Note: Users should know that the cash app is known for its secure and flawless services and therefore to make this real, they have allowed users to make changes having real credentials.

What is my Cash App Card PIN Number?

It is a 4-6 digit code assigned to each user while activating the cash app account. This code works for both Cash App debit cards and Cash App accounts.

Cash App debit card is a VISA card that can be ordered by any verified user from the application itself. Also, cards can be used to shop in stores or online and also to withdraw money from ATMs (where VISA is accepted).

We all witness daily happenings of scams and loot which makes the essence of the security provided by financial applications.

Everything nowadays is encrypted with a sort of code to protect it from any unknown access trial.

This is why the PIN on the cash app is provided to make sure users’ data is safe.

How to Activate the Security Lock on Cash App Account?

Along with the PIN that is crucial, Cash App lets its users create an extra layer of safety on the account by enabling the security lock on it.

Here is how it can be enabled.

  • First, get inside the app.
  • Then, choose the “Profile” option.
  • And, pick “Privacy & Security.”
  • Now, on the top of the page, a switch open is featured. Turn it ‘ON.’
  • When the button turns green, means the security is activated now.

How to Change Cash App PIN Number?

Here are the steps you need to follow to change your PIN Number.

  • Primarily, launch the application on your device.
  • And jump to the “Profile” section.
  • And opt “Privacy & Security” option.
  • You need to choose “Change Cash PIN” from here.
  • Input new PIN and confirm changes.
  • After confirming, you will receive a text or mail notifying you about the changes.
  • Tap back to move on to the home screen.
  • And now, the process is completed here. (PIN changed successfully)

In what Situations You can Reset the Cash App PIN?

It is essential to understand what could be the scenarios that let you change or reset your Cash App PIN.

As the number of online financial works is rising, so do the scams or scammers taking advantage of users’ data. And, because the cash app is one of the most used applications, with more than 30 million, is likely to happen such tactics used by scammers.

But, the best thing here is to keep protected your account by making some changes in your security codes such as changing the PIN.

Below given are the situations where you will need to make changes in your cash app PIN or reset if necessary.

Getting back your account from someone you have lent to use: Cash App account can be accessed by anyone having a username or password. So, if you wish to lend your account to someone, it is possible. However, when you get the account back, resetting the password becomes a necessary thing to prevent the re-access of another user.

Forgot Password: so, when you forget a password, you are not likely to enter your account. At this point, resetting becomes a necessity to act.

Found unusual error: also, sometimes the account shows ‘Wrong password’ or ‘Incorrect Error’, this is where you need to take action to prevent it.

How to Enable PIN on Cash App?

This is for the additional security of your account. the process is quite easy and it makes your account more protected.

  • Open Cash App.
  • Pick the ‘Profile’ icon.
  • And move to “Privacy & Security” settings.
  • On the same page, you will find a switch on the top. Tap it.
  • When it gets green means the security is at work now.
  • Optionally, Touch ID or Pin can be mentioned here.

What are the Reasons to Change Cash App Card PIN?

Reasons could be an unwanted reach, forgetting passwords, and lending your cash app to someone, and getting it back requires you to change the PIN.

These all the necessary reasons are more to make you aware and take action to protect your account.


This post generally covered how to change cash app pin if you forgot it. How to change the cash app password? Or How To Change Cash App Pin?

Cash App is far easy to operate when using the right credentials. Your security is a topmost need and it seeks your responsibility to maintain it by making changes wherever required.

Hope this was a helpful post.

Let us know your doubts in this regard also can take the cash app help by contacting the Cash App Support Team.